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About Us

Cannock Chase, the scene of Royal Hunts and the scene of the Wild Hunts of legend, was once part of the great forest that stretched across our shire south of the Trent. This is a land of tradition where the ghosts of the past still haunt and where Robin of the Hood and his mystical bride still stroll hand in hand. These thickly wooded lands were haunted it was said by the spirits of the forest - Puck, Robin Goodfellow and the horned deity still remembered in Abbotts Bromley.

Initially formed in 2011 as ‘The Staffordshire Druids’ , the grove reformed as ‘The Hawk of the Chase’ and is based in the Rugeley district of Staffordshire on the edge of the great forest of Cannock Chase.

The grove is a closed group which means that new members are welcome but must be invited to join by existing members. Guests of members are also welcome at most of the ceremonies.

Membership consists of OBOD Bards, Ovates and Druids plus Wiccans, Druidcraft practitioners and others who  are in sympathy with our group ethos.